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Marcin Gaborski, Engineering Director

Tink Visa solution Mr. Wolf's assistance was instrumental in expanding our Java backend teams to ensure the delivery of secure financial solutions for one of our largest clients.

Jarosław Usowski, IT Director

Empik Sp. z o.o It is a big step for us – we get rid of Excel, change assortment management business processes, we have better control over ware in our stores..

Communication Manager
Katarzyna Olszewska-Kowalewska

The people, who worked on the project, characterize with high professionalism, reliability and punctuality in carrying out the tasks entrusted to them. Also extremely important to me, as a communications manager, was Mr Wolf's initiative and own out-of-the-box ideas in developing the service.

Dariusz Mankowski CEO of United Robots Limited

We are very pleased to have commenced our collaborative journey with Mr. Wolf back in 2021. The fruits of this cooperation have been exceedingly rewarding. Our commendations are particularly extended towards the exceptional competence displayed by Mr. Wolf's engineering team.

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