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The rising number of online users and
the aftermath of the early 21st century economic crises
have led to the digitization of many financial products.

Fintech, the combination of financial services and technology, has been rapidly evolving in the last decade. In 2019 alone, the global fintech market reached a value of almost $111.24 billion, with a predicted annual growth rate of approximately 10% by 2022. The financial technology industry has rapidly matured in recent years. Once mostly catering to early tech adopters, fintechs are increasingly offering professional-grade solutions to mainstream consumers and businesses. Financial institutions are also increasingly engaging with fintech startups – either by investing in them or forging strategic partnerships.

Almost 80% of incumbent financial organizations
have entered the fintech space

Almost 80% of incumbent financial organizations have entered the fintech space, indicating a growing trend. The speed of change sweeping across the world of digital banking leaves no doubts about how deeply fintech is disrupting the financial industry. Indeed, delivering enhanced customer experience and value for the user should be a guiding star for incumbent financial institutions seeking to innovate their offering and operations. One such area could be using data to better understand their clients on a more individual level and provide them with fintech solutions that hit the spot. Technologies enable creating more dynamic and personalized products users can tailor to their changing needs – just as Solarisbank did with great success. Why not give your customers what they truly need – especially that digital technologies enable you to do so?

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